Who We Are

Founded in January 2006, Human Asia strives to establish a regional human rights protection system, a type of system that is lacking only in Asia, and to realize the peaceful coexistence of the diverse cultures of Asia. In order to improve human rights in Asia, Human Asia carries out human rights advocacy activities and campaigns, organizes field activities with humanitarian aid, coordinates educational and training programs to nurture young human rights activists, and regularly publishes human rights reports.

What We Do

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Human Asia hosts the East Asia Young Activists Networking Program for the following goals:

To foster a safe environment where young human rights activists from across East Asia can network and build upon their skills and knowledge within their field of interest

To deepen participants’ understandings of the international human rights mechanisms and implement human rights projects in their communities;

To provide participants with practical tools and methods on how to develop and sustain human rights protection systems both in their country and across East Asia;

To build leadership skills that can contribute towards the later creation of stronger regional human rights protection mechanisms

To establish an online-based platform for the creation of a sustainable collaborative network among participants


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