What is the EAYAN Program?

Working to connect future regional human rights leaders

Although other continents around the world have established regional programs and mechanisms to address regional human rights concerns, human rights advocates in Asia have typically lacked common cross-regional platforms, linking countries together to address specific problems unique to the continent. This is particularly prevalent for the upcoming generation of human rights activists. For future human rights leaders based in Asia, the chance to both impart and receive knowledge from fellow activists, and gain practical and theoretical knowledge, is essential for forwarding the human rights movement on both a local and structural level.

The East Asia Young Activists Networking Program is directly designed to address this lack of consolidation. The EAYAN program is a unique interactive online and offline network for rising young human rights leaders. The program is for young professionals or activists under the age of 30 with passports from one of the following areas: Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. The EAYAN program seeks to:

  • Strengthen the capacity and networks of human rights activists, to the end of establishing a regional consensus on human rights protection in Asia.
  • Foster and maintain cross-cultural cooperation transforming ideas into specific actions, to the end of forwarding efforts towards the establishment of regional human rights projects, and/or regional systems and mechanisms for human rights protection in Asia.

The program consists of two main activities:

1) The East Asia Young Activists Networking Workshop

The EAYAN workshop is a ten-day workshop that brings together regional activists and forwards collaborative efforts for the promotion of human rights in East Asia. Participants are able to gain both theoretical and practical skills to young human rights activists through focusing on one thematic issues as reflected within the nine core international human rights treaties. In 2020, the thematic issue is gender equality.

Topics covered throughout the 2020 workshop include:

  • Global instruments and challenges to women’s rights
  • Human rights mechanisms and gendered inequalities in East Asia
  • Developing and implementing projects for expanding social capital of participants and establishing a cross-national communities forwarding human rights
  • Tools and skills for innovative human rights movements through training exercises and competitions, workshops, meetings; and field trips
  • Exploration of four thematic subtopics:
    • Domestic Violence Against Women
    • Business and the Economy: the Wage Gap and Work-Life Balance for Women
    • Sexual Harassment in East Asia
    • Political Gender Equality and Gender Representation in the Political-Economic Realms

Apply for the 2020 EAYAN Program Workshop here

2) The EAYAN Online Platform

The EAYAN online platform will allow for participants from each cycle to continually correspond with and work together with one another on related projects following the workshop. Only those who have participated in the EAYAN workshop will be able to access the online platform. Participants will be able to make suggestions on the flow and content of the online platform for their given thematic issue during the workshop. Generally, the platform will improve the capacity and knowledge of human rights leaders through:

  • Consolidating knowledge and events relating to thematic issues in East Asia
  • Offer a communal platform for cross-regional projects to be innovated, monitored and reviewed
  • Highlight further related opportunities and events
  • Provide an outlet for dialogue and discussion on human rights concerns


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